Thursday, August 4, 2011

7 Random Things

 1. It's officially football and soccer season at our house. This means the following things:
-The truck engine never cools down.
-I empty my wallet at the sporting goods store.
-The crock-pot is always on.
-The prayers for safety never end.
-I live in my lawn chair.
-Sunflower seeds are my main form of sustenance.
-44oz Thirst Busters are my vice.
-The truck gets a mind of its own and tries to steer into the Taco Bell drive thru every night after practice but I strong arm the steering wheel and speed home to eat whatever's in the crock-pot.

2. We've been celebrating this week! Every six months my husband has to pass a grueling welding test with 100% accuracy in order to keep his job. On the day of the test, my stomach is full of butterflies for him.  I pray for him and try to stay busy until I get the call that he passed.  Then it's like a thousand pound weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I do the happy dance. I told my husband that the only thing I could compare it to is cheerleading try-outs. When I was a teenager, I would work so hard the week of tryouts in preparation for the "big day". Then after try-outs were over, I'd sit by the phone and wait until the results were in.  When I finally received the call that I made the squad each year, I would cry and cheer and jump up and down in celebration.  I feel the exact same way when my husband calls me to say that he passed.  I'm not sure if he understands the whole cheerleading metaphor, but it's the best I could do to convey my excitement for him.

3. There was a knock at my door last night.  When I answered it, this mysterious gift was greeting me at the doorstep. It glows a lovely shade of nuclear meltdown green.  I'm not sure what to name him, but I'm thinking that he will be re- gifted in the near future.  He's too..."special"... to keep him to myself.  He will bring good cheer wherever he goes. (Wink, Wink.) I'd like to say a big thank you to whoever shared this metal work of awesomeness with me. He's one of a kind...definitely one of a kind...or he was on clearance or the other.

4. We're finally starting to harvest food from our garden this summer which feels like a small miracle!  Growing gardens above 7,000 ft. in elevation is challenging.  We have a really short growing season, and extreme weather conditions. Some days I'm surprised that anything besides rocks will actually grow on this mountain.

5. The hair is starting to wear off  in some places on my cowhide bling belt and I'm freaking out about it! My cowhide belt is afflicted with baldness.

6. My hens are old. They're approaching the age of the dinosaurs but I can't bring myself to butcher them yet. I think I have chicken attachment issues.

7. I'm currently drowning in a sea of housework that never ends, and therefore this blog post must end.

And that folks, is the latest news from the trenches.

Nell (The new owner of glowing metal frog art.)

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