Monday, August 22, 2011

"But Mom...I Can Explain!!!"

My irrigation buddy and I went to work on Saturday morning.  After we pumped water in the stock tanks, I walked up the ditch about a 1/4 mile to close some head-gates and open others. I wasn't gone for more than 10 minutes when I returned to this:

"Mom, don't freak out! I can explain everything!"

"You'd better do some fast talkin' Son!"

"While you were changing the water, I decided to go catch tadpoles and baby frogs in the pond over there..."

 "...I don't know how it happened, but all of the sudden, I slipped and fell into the pond. Mom, it was an accident. REALLY! I just slipped!"

"Son, you are covered from head to toe in red mud. You'd better get in the ditch and try to rinse some of that thick stuff off."

 "Mom, there are baby frogs everywhere in this water!"

"I don't care about the baby frogs, I just want you to focus on cleaning that mud off!"

 Washing arms.

That mud ain't comin' off, folks!

He's still explaining how it all happened.

"Son, I'm not concerned so much about how it happened. I  just care about how we're going to keep you from getting mud all over the inside of the truck. Start taking off  those muddy boots."
"On second thought, just strip down to your shirt and undies.  You can wrap up in a towel, and we'll have to forego our trip to the grocery store, and our trip to buy corn, and our trip for lunch.  We'd better just make a bee-line for the shower."

"That sounds like a pretty good idea, Mom."

All of that mess for one of these.

I guess boys will be boys.


  1. LOL! Hey, that would have been me when I was a kid and I'm a girl! ;)

  2. I can SO identify!! Times 2!!! OH MY. Boys!

    LOVE the verse- Jeremiah 32:27- I'm standing on so many verses these days 'cuz I know God's timing and providence are about to intersect and it's gonna be good- man, satan is working overtime these days- but God will rescue His people and is releasing so much grace to overcome!!
    Have a great week!!!

  3. oh my....i sure could see my son pulling a stunt like that....and i would have to say I would laugh my rear off instead of scolding him too!