Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tooth Fairy Makes a Midnight Run for Cash

 That's my baby.  She's carefree, and full of sunshine.  She's gonna be six next month and she's been working hard on wiggling her very first loose tooth.

Day and night, night and day, she wiggled and wiggled and wiggled that tooth.

And last night, when we least expected it, she worked up the courage to yank that baby right out!

Here she is yesterday morning with all of her baby teeth intact.  Just look at those freckles! She calls them "angel kisses" and she's in love with them.

Here she is at bedtime after a full day of  wiggling.  All of that hard work really paid off big!

At our house, the tooth fairy pays $5.00 for the first tooth lost.

Rumor has it that the Tooth Fairy had no cash in his wallet to purchase the tooth with.  He hit up Mrs. Tooth Fairy, but she never has cash either.  So at 11:30pm, he got in the truck and drove to the grocery store to get some money. By the time he flew over to the house, our princess was fast asleep, and he made the trade under the pillow.

This morning, when I woke my baby for church, she jolted up and immediately tossed her pillow to the side to see if the Tooth Fairy came to visit.  She woke the whole house up with her proclamation, "I've got five bucks!" Then she showed everyone at church who would take the time to look into her mouth.

Today, my girl has a pocket full of money, and gap in her teeth to stick her tongue through.  Life just doesn't get much sweeter for a girl who's getting ready to turn six.


  1. $5 Bucks?!! Wow, next time we stay over I'm going to have to wiggle out some of my own teeth!

  2. WOW! My daughter also turns six next month. She has the same wiggly tooth! While your daughter was enjoying the fruits of her wiggling mine was going through the refrigerator getting apples and carrots to crunch on in hopes of knocking her tooth out!

    Congratulations to your beautiful daughter!

    (Oh, and $5.00 is the going rate for a first tooth here, too!)

  3. Way to go on pulling that first tooth!!!! I remember only getting 50 cents for my teeth. The tooth fair sure has gotten a lot of raises since my loosing teeth days. LOL

  4. Those are the cutest freckles ever! I was such a bad tooth fairy with my 2nd child that the older one (he is 4 years older) took over and he was always remembering to put the quarters under the pillow for her teeth - half the time it was his own money!

  5. How cute. At our house you also get $5 for the first tooth as well as spaghetti for dinner. My kids loved to slurp the noodle through the whole in their teeth. And I can not count how many times the toothfairy has not been prepared at our house.

  6. Ha ha, that's one determined tooth fairy at work! Kudos to him and the kid who worked hard to lose her first baby tooth! It's a nice memory, the first lost tooth, and soon the tooth fairy will work hard for the rest of them.

  7. Love the photos! I found them because I was looking for inspiration to make a redhead freckled doll. Your's are the cutest!