Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Random Things

Aluminum Shovel Oversize D-Grip, 18in.
1. I cleaned out the stock trailer this week with a snow shovel and a hose.  Metal snow shovels work SUPERBLY to scrape manure off the mats, and I learned this nifty tip from a bunch of old cowboys at an outfit I worked for in college.  I just want to write a Martha Stewart style "Helpful Hints From Cowboys" book and include this in it. I'd also include the 1,000 uses for bailing twine, bailing wire, and  old coffee cans.

2. I just finished making 63 handmade invitations for a baby shower that I'm co-hosting next month. I love  making cards, but I'm pretty sure my husband is glad that they are all in the mail. Now the housework will resume at full throttle.

3. My girl is an ANIMAL on the soccer field! At this age, whoever has the most endurance wins.  My girl runs circles around the competition, but she is way too nice to the opposing team's goalie.  She's neglected to take a few shots because she, "didn't want the ball to hit the goalie in the face." It nearly kills me to see a missed opportunity.

4. I've got 50# of roasted Hatch Green Chilies from New Mexico coming my way! I love the smell of roasted chilies, and these are THE best! I freeze them in small freezer bags according to heat, and then use them throughout the year in stews, mexican food, and on burgers, etc. I can't wait for their arrival. You know how we Arizonans like our chilies!

5. Homeschooling 3 kids in 3 grade levels is like having 3 full-time jobs but I wouldn't trade it  for anything. I'm so blessed by them. Today, they taught me all about the grass hopper's body parts. Additionally, they actually caught one from the yard to show me the tiny holes, called spiracles, on the sides of their body that they breathe through. This impressed me because I had no idea how grasshoppers breathed.

6.  Besides my usual iced tea, I've recently been really enjoying a good "Shirley Temple". Evidently, teenagers have lost this bit of historical knowledge because when I order a Shirley Temple at Sonic, crickets chirp on the other end of the speaker.  Then I have to settle and say, " I'd just like a Sprite with extra cherry juice, please."  It makes me feel old every time this happens.  I thought everyone knew what a Shirley Temple and a Roy Rogers were. I guess that's what I get for assuming things.

7. I'm going to clean out my linen closet this weekend. If you don't hear from me soon, I've been buried alive in flannel sheets and down comforters.  The closet door no longer closes all the way, so I think it's time. Wish me luck!


  1. We go through plastic snow shovels at the farm at an alarming speed. They are used in the dairy barn to:

    Scoop and throw shavings under the cows
    Push up the feed and clean away the old feed
    scoop up calf mess in the alley

    We use the plastic ones because they're nice and light, but they wear away quickly on the cement.

  2. Very Cute update! You made me giggle.