Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why My Husband ROCKS!

I have this $4.00 necklace that I've been in love with for over a year.  It's totally fake, totally cheap, BUT TOTALLY CUTE! When I bought it in the junk jewelry section, it was a shiny silver color, although it lost it's luster, long ago.  It's my favorite necklace because it's long and just fancy enough to dress up a plain shirt without attracting attention. I wear it often. In the year that I've owned it:

The silver color has worn off in places.

It has more of a copper sheen now.

I break it  about once a week.

My husband uses his Leatherman tool to fix it once a week.

It has made my neck break out into some sort of itchy rash on more than one occasion. Small price to pay.

For the last month, my beloved necklace  has been completely missing in action. At first I thought it was just misplaced.  Then, after about a week, I tore the house apart looking for it.  I checked my purse, every pocket, every drawer, between the truck seats, and the washing machine.  NOTHING.

I interrogated the children. They replied in unison, "It wasn't me, Mom!"

I stepped up the search party tactics: No luck.

When I lose something, it's the only thing I want to wear. I become obsessed about what I don't have! With every outfit, I would look sorrowfully in the mirror and say, "my necklace sure would have looked cute with this!"

My wedding anniversary was last week, and imagine my surprise when my husband handed me a small package with a big red bow.

I opened it and there before my eyes was a beautiful, sparkly, new necklace!

(The pics don't do it justice. It's really shiny!)

I didn't see that surprise coming!

Turns out, the last time I broke my fake necklace, my husband took it into the jeweler and asked him to make an exact replica of it in real sterling silver! It's much stronger, much more beautiful, and it will last for many, many years. I couldn't believe it!!

He pulled the fake one out of his pocket, and it looked so...junkie compared to my new treasure.

Every now and then, my tough cowboy husband does something so tender, and thoughtful, and loving that it makes me think he's a true romantic at heart.  And I love him that much more for it!  Isn't he a total sweetheart?!?

After I put my new necklace on, he confessed that it brought him great joy to see me so distraught over the lost necklace because it reaffirmed his decision to have a new one custom made. Each time I asked my family if they remembered where they last saw it, he would try not to chuckle because he knew right where it the jewelry store! That sneaky man!

And "The Husband of the Year" award goes to....


  1. AW, what a sweet husband. Surely a keeper. Love reading your blog.

  2. That was so sweet of your husband to do that!

  3. He is so thoughtful! A keeper for sure! ;)

  4. Isn't that sweet! I love it when my husband does stuff like that. Usually just when I begin to wonder if he's forgotten how much I love this stuff, he puts aside that tough farmboy and does something sweet. I'm sure you 'll enjoy your new necklace for many years to come. And now not only because it's your favorite, but because of what your husband did for you :)

  5. Aw Bless his cotton socks! How sweet is that!