Monday, August 15, 2011

Fun Times at the Family Fun Park!

In celebration of our son's birthday, the family loaded up and headed to the Fun Park for an afternoon adventure.  They have this bungee contraption that allows you to jump way up in the sky and do flips....if you want. Our son is a risk assessor.  He's cautious by nature and not a thrill seeker so I had my doubts that he'd actually try this crazy thing out.  But he surprised us all by wanting to have a shot at it.

Our boy was slightly TERRIFIED on his first bounce up in the sky!  But, he did it anyway.  The higher he jumped, the more fun he started to have. Except that I was certain he was going to puke.
After his first time allotment was up, he surprised us and told us that he wanted to do it again.

Here is a little perspective about how high they actually jump.  It's WAAAAY up there!

Our girl tried it next, and she had a perma-grin the whole time.  She did nothing but giggle as she flew through the air like a bird.  She's always been the dare-devil of the family. She even did a few flips!

Next up...Go Carts.  Because my family is ultra- competitive, there was no leisurely cruising on the track.  It was purely a reckless race to the death, full of dirty driving, brake slamming, cutting offs, and trash talking.

In other words, it was just an ordinary day on the racetrack.

The father/ daughter team celebrating with a victory lap.

Below, the Uncle/ niece team shows off for the camera.

The mother/ daughter round.  We were hoping the #12 car could perform to our standards.

Our baby took a Solo turn on the PeeWee track.  She's a  very cautious driver who obeys all of the rules, and the car topped out at 2 miles an hour so they were a good fit for eachother.

Here's our boy racing on the big track.

After Go- Carts, we had a quick round of goofy golf.
Our son and his buddy were having an intense round of putt-putt.  I saw a whole lot of cheating and fabrication of scores.  It was just a typical round of men's golf.

 The racing spectators were enjoying the action on the track.

We finished up our last round of goofy golf as the afternoon storm started pouring down. It was a great day of fun, competition, and thrill seeking in celebration of our boy's 10th birthday.

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  1. Wow! That's some pretty high jumping. Looks like everyone had a great fun filled day.