Monday, August 8, 2011

Stuck in My Head

♪♫"Hmm Hmm Hmm... Hmm Hmm Hmm... I love you."♪♫

This is the tune that has been stuck in my head for three whole days.  I had absolutely no idea what the words were, or who sang it.

It all started at the Sonic Drive-in. I was waiting for my kids outside of the restrooms when I heard a catchy tune playing on the speakers.  It was soooo catchy that I couldn't get the beat out of my head. But for the life of me I couldn't remember the words.

So for three days, I've been tortured by the only snippet of the song I could partially remember...running through my head like a broken record.

♪♫"Hmm Hmm Hmm... Hmm Hmm Hmm... I love you."♪♫

Don't you just hate when that happens?

I couldn't even remember the lyrics, which made it more torturous!
So I started searching for it on itunes.  No luck.  I searched the internet.  No luck. I tried Pandora. No luck.

I don't know what I was expecting. I was like a detective with no leads in the case.  I had nothing to work with, and it quickly lead to a dead-end.

Finally, last night I couldn't take it anymore.  At the expense of sounding totally ridiculous and having to hum a tiny line of the stinkin' song, I decided to approach my musical husband.

I said, "I've got a song stuck in my head, but I don't know the words, the artist, or the name of the song! It's upbeat and kind of Reggae inspired. All I've got is ,"Hmm Hmm Hmm... Hmm Hmm Hmm... I love you."

"Ridiculous, I know. But by chance do you know what song I'm talking about???"

Then my husband's face lit up, and he hummed a little bit more for me.

"Ya, Ya...that's the tune!", I said with a desperate plea for help.

Then he hopped on the computer and searched for it. And searched for it.  And searched for it.

I finally gave up and went to get ready for bed.  Then, miracle of husband found the song!

He found it in the most obscure place on itunes: Best work-out music of 2009.

What?!? Whatever.

This is GREAT news!

The mystery is now solved, and the song now has a name and words to go along with the beat. I can now go on with my life, no longer tortured by the small snippet of humming and the rockin' beat that was stuck in my head.

I'm free to move forward to humming other songs, singing other melodies, tapping my toes to other beats.

Today is a great day!

What was the name of the song, you ask?

Are you sure you want to hear it? It may get stuck in your head.

Alright, alright!

It's "Say Hey (I Love You)" by Michael Franti and Spearhead  All Rebel Rockers

You've got the information now, so take it or leave it.  It's definitely not George Strait, but you have to admit that it IS catchy.

Now Free to Hum a New Tune,



  1. I ♥ this song! I can't believe you've never heard it before!

  2. Oh I just hate it when that happens. It always is on the tip of the tongue but just not quite there. LOL

    I have lost sleep over things like this.


  3. Never heard this song before. Went on youtube and it is really a sweet and catchy tune! I can see why it was stuck in your head. :):)

  4. I often wake up in the morning with parts of songs stuck in my head. So far I have never been able to locate those that have only a few words and part of a tune tho'.

    Glad you were able to find your song. Will have to go listen to it now.


  5. I don't get stuck on songs, but my husband does. He'll ask me about them and I'm always blank (you'd think that after nearly 14 years he'd realize he married someone who doesn't remember songs, wouldn't you?!). My daughter is like him, though.